Your application step by step

The documents you need for your application

  1. Completed online application form. (see below)

  2. a PDF including the following documents:
  • covering letter explaining (max. one page):
        a)   The reasons for applying
        b)   Describing, in particular, the applicant's personal circumstances
        c)   Where do you see societal challenges and how do you advocate for improvement?
  • copy of the degree diploma and the Transcript of Records relating to the bachelor's degree or evidence relating to the degree programme. Applications which do not provide insight into grades cannot be taken into consideration. If you already have a master's degree, please enclose a copy of your master's degree documents and the Transcript of Records in addition to the documents mentioned above.
  • Two recommendations from professors at the institution at which the bachelor's degree was gained.
  • Applications for a grant should be submitted alongside evidence of acceptance into a master's degree programme at a Swiss university of applied sciences and arts.
  • In the case of a foreign diploma: translation in German, French, Italian or English. 

Please note: only those applications that are complete and filed on time will be considered. 

We look forward to receiving your application.

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  12. Learned profession with vocational baccalaureate
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  14. Date of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent university degree
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  15. Institution
  16. Field of study, degree programme
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  17. Master’s degree programme
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  24. Overall document pdf (max. 8 MB)
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  26. Covering letter (max. 2 MB)
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  27. Bachelor’s degree (max. 2 MB)
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  28. Transcript of Records (max. 2 MB)
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  29. Recommendation 1 (max. 2 MB)
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  31. Evidence of acceptance master's degree programme (max. 2 MB)
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Please check before sending if all your documents have been uploaded!

After you have submitted your documents, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive it, please contact us.

Conditions (Footnote 1)

  • The master's degree programme must be pursued purposefully and with above-average motivation.
  • A closing report must be prepared for the attention of the Grants Committee.
  • Reference must be made to the Hirschmann grant in the event of awards or prizes received during the period of study or upon qualification.
  • The Hirschmann Foundation must be notified of any termination of, or break in, studies.
  • Participation in Hirschmann Foundation events for grant holders (Policy Kitchen Ideation Workshop during the grant and network meetings that take place every 2 years, next event: 07.12.2023) and publication of the grants on the foundation’s website.